Cindy Wong

Cindy WongGraduate Student, ChemE

Cindy received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Music Performance from Oregon State University in 2022. Her undergraduate research focused on metal oxide electrocatalysts for seawater splitting with Dr. Kelsey Stoerzinger. She also studied electrochemical CO2 reduction with Dr. Kelsey Stoerzinger and Dr. Konstantinos Goulas as well as the application of superabsorbent polymers with Dr. Skip Rochefort. In 2022, she studied lithium-ion battery degradation with Dr. Robert Tenent as a DOE SULI Intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). In the Brushett group, Cindy is researching electrochemical reactor designs for ammonia recovery. Cindy enjoys cooking, hiking, and playing tuba.